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  • Data on members of the public requesting literature will not be shared to any person or body not involved in the direct processing of the request, without the data subjects explicit written consent.
  • Data will only be used for the purposes for which it was given, i.e. to process the despatch of the requested literature, including checking validity of the request and the correctness of address details.
  • Data will be kept for up to 2 years, unless the data subject has asked for it not to be kept, under the CALS’ legitimate interest to detect spurious or duplicate requests.
  • Where permission is given by the data subject to share the contact details with a local Christadelphian ecclesia, then an explanatory letter will be sent with the details explaining the extent of the consent that has been given, and the recipient’s duties, under the GDPR, to only use the data in line with that consent.
  • All data will be kept as secure as reasonably possible and will only be transported on encrypted USB sticks.
  • All data will be deleted in line with the procedures outlined above promptly and fully.
  • The CALS recognise its responsibilities under the GDPR and will publish a Privacy Statement on its website(s) detailing its policy to personal data and giving contact details to enable a data subject to request details of what data is kept on them, to request the data be corrected and/or deleted and to make a complaint if they wish to do so.
  • The CALS will respond to all requests from data subjects as quickly as possible and at least in line with the GDPR.